Very attached to her Swedish roots, Nathalie will never stop cherishing her childhood country’s art of living.

In 1995, she creates Suède Import with the purpose to import must-haves for the kids’ childcare and clothing sector in France.

Little by little, during her visits to Scandinavian fairs, she discovers design furniture for kids made with light colored wood, especially in birch. She decides to showcase them at fairs like Génération Bébé, Maison & Objet and Kind Und Jugend.

Wood will always be present to decorate her stalls, sometimes entire birches. The idea was to showcase new furniture brands, but most importantly to create a natural, warm and balanced mood for children’s’ spaces. At this time, interiors were overwhelmed by plastic or melamine furniture, often with lots of busy colors or very dark tones. It was time to welcome nature into homes.

For a few years now, this trend has set its roots: the understated and timeless Scandinavian style !

Nathalie had always wanted to tell her own story, inspired by the heart of Swedish traditions.  She was particularly fond of the Gustavian style, so present in the Carl Larsson’s watercolour paintings – a true testimony of romanticism and sweetness.

In collaboration with  Bo Ekstrom, she creates a new furniture brand: Gustavienne.

The collections are inspired by the Gustavian style, but revisited to integrate perfectly into modern interiors, with current safety standards. The first designs include an evolutive bed, a changing table, a dresser with changing tray as well as a wardrobe with hanging space / shelves and drawers.

The Golden Ratio rules have been applied to each furniture, which give them their harmonious proportions. The perfectly chosen details are the subject of a carpenter’s craftmanship, with its wild rose carved above each foot and pearls that outline the contours of each piece of furniture, symbolizing elegance and refinement.

All the furniture is made according to the tradition and the know-how of the 18th century craftsmanship in Sweden, such as the technique of assembly with dovetail for the drawers. This technique can make the drawers move a little, due to the changes in humidity and temperature. So if the drawers seize up… it only proves a default of nobility authenticating that the furniture was indeed made “the old fashioned way”. The same is true for brass handles, which tend to oxidize over time.

All the furniture is made out of solid birch from eco-managed forests in northern Europe. For the deep green and milky white colors, paints are water-based, solvent-free, and free from dangerous volatile particles. For the natural finish, the wood is treated with organic linseed oil.

All furniture comply with current European requirements.