Gustavian furniture originated from the Gustavian era,established around 1780’s and is named after the Swedish King Gustav III who spent a long period of time in Paris and at the royal palace in Versailles. This experience left him determined to make Stockholm the ‘Paris of the North.’ , which explains the neoclassical French influences of Gustavian furniture.


Although Gustavian furniture has quite simple curvy shapes, with functionality as an emphasis – details are elaborate and help to identify the Gustavian style. Some of the most distinctive motifs are rosettes, scallop detailing and woven circles.


They were often painted in soft, muted palettes, such as white, grey and blue. Today you’ll find pieces that still have its original paint, usually a little bit worrn off , which adds to their charm. The furniture are often small and mobile and can be placed in modern homes to add an accent in the space.


A Gustavian piece will transform any interior with a Swedish style in an instant.


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